Fresh recording and video of Veljo Tormis “Curse Upon Iron”

Collegium Musicale


Fresh recording and video of Veljo Tormis “Curse Upon Iron”

Today, on the 90th anniversary of Veljo Tormis’ birth, a fresh video of the Collegium Musicale for Veljo Tormis’ work “Curse Upone Iron” will reach the public. It is also a gift from Collegium Musical for the opening of the Veljo Tormis’ Virtual Center.

“Curse Upon Iron” is one of Veljo Tormis’ best-known works, which has been abundantly performed both in Estonia and in the world. “It seemed all the more remarkable to record this work in both sound and image. I dare say that this is the latest version of this work – recorded on June 28 in Estonian National Broadcast 1st studio and filmed on July 12 in Hiiumaa, “said conductor Endrik Üksvärav. “When recording the work, we proceeded from the situation the world has reached – more and more new solutions in order to destroy someone. The development of technology. We are moving faster and faster from where we once belonged, “said Üksvärav.

Veljo Tormis „Raua needmine“ /”Curse Upon Iron” (1972/1991)
Collegium Musicale chamber choir
Soloists Oliver Povel-Puusepp and Allan Vurma
Conductor Endrik Üksvärav

Sound engineer: Tanel Klesment (Audio Maja)
Video: Indrek Kasesalu

Filmed on the island Hiiumaa, in Kõrgessaare.

Watch the video here: